YA books are good – My Ity Opinion

Book genres have never really been something that I’ve been interested in paying attention to. I’m a person, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that finds books either because of the cover, the blurb on the back, or the first few paragraphs of the beginning. My walking through Barnes & Nobles isn’t restricted to any particular section beyond fiction.

So for a good long time I was picking up and reading books that are classified as Young Adult, without really even knowing that that was a genre of books. These were fantasy books, books with ghosts, or witches or vampires. These were books that fit the genre of story that I liked and I didn’t care that the main character was a sixteen year old. Because these were good stories.

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House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – A Book I DNF’d that I wish I hadn’t.

I have plenty of books that I have started and not finished in my book shelves. I’m a visual person, so I tend to see a book that looks good but upon reading it’s not really what I wanted. Or it’s a slow start and I have a hard time with those. But this is a book that, my now husband, recommended to me and I purchased because of his praise. We have two copies, sitting on our shelf next to each other. Mine is obvious as the one with the ridiculous headband for a bookmark.

It isn’t that the book is bad, or that it’s not an interesting plot. In fact, it’s a really awesome plot idea. It’s not poorly written or anything like that, and it’s kind of like an inception of a book which is super cool, so why did I put it down? Let’s get into it!

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Asylum by Madeleine Roux – A Review

There was two reasons I picked this book. One the cover is wonderful and two it’s about ghosts, and your girl loves her some ghost stories. However what kept me reading was the wonderful writing, the plot on a whole, and the pictures that are mixed in to help make this book more interesting. It is like Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children, which is another book that I enjoyed.

I love the idea of found footage, so when these books come along with photos that help bring the story together but also set the tone of the book and make things more interesting. If I could have all of these I totally would get more because they are really amazing, I don’t know if Miss Peregrine’s was the first, if anyone knows the first ever please share but if it’s House of Leaves, I have that and have yet to finish it.

I wanted to also get myself into more horror type books because I had made several attempts to do my own horror novel and wanted to learn more about the genre. I was extremely happy that I picked this one, it’s opened the doors to more horror books for me as well. So let me get into this, mild spoilers if any at all really.

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Was the Twilight series even good? – My Ity Opinion

I found out about Twilight, like I think a lot of people did, when the movie trailer came out. I picked up the book, interested in the story. Vampires have always been a favorite of mine. I remember finishing the first book in a day and getting the next two which were already out and finishing them in a couple of days, and preordering the final book as soon as I possibly could. I ate it up and wanted more, but now that I’m older, I’ve seen the movies, it’s fanfiction became a book and a series of movies too and I wondered, was this book even good?

I knew that there were a lot of people that thought the writing wasn’t great. Didn’t like Bella or Edward. Didn’t like the sparkly, no fanged, venomous vampires. The first book I think was the best for me. I didn’t really like the other three nearly as much. I despised the final book, going so far as to skip the entire Jacob section because I couldn’t stand that kid at all! But if I really analyze the book now, when I’ve grown up a bit, I don’t know if it holds the same weight as it did before. So let me dive into this series and I think it’s safe to say that there will be spoilers but I haven’t read these books in forever so I’m sure I’m going to be missing some details.

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The Last Vampire Series by Christopher Pike – A Review

So first I’d like to say that this is an oldie, in fact this series got renamed and republished under different covers. But I know it as The Last Vampire, a six book series that I got in two volumes. I loved it so much that when I lost one, I look on eBay for a replacement. It’s an amazing story and this review will also be me listing all the reasons why this is hands down my favorite series.

I bought this a long time ago, at a Barnes & Noble because two things. Christopher Pike and Vampires. I can distinctly remember, each time I pick these books up, sixteen me sitting or laying on my bed reading this with a my CD player going. I can remember the songs on certain chapters because I played the same like three CD’s. This was a book that stayed with me and I don’t want it to ever go. Some spoilers ahead, mainly of the first book, but I’ll try and keep the big plot points to myself but I’ve noted before and after the paragraphs with spoilers in case you don’t wish to read.

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Book vs. Ebook – Which is better? – My Ity Opinion

It’s a debate that I think has been going around for awhile, ever since Ebooks/Kindle Books came to be a thing, but I wanted to give you which I like and why I don’t like the other. Some people like both, ooo those rebels, and that’s okay too.

This is just an opinion piece and is in no way saying that my word is God. You can like whatever you like, that’s the beauty of this world. We all have our preferences and it’s okay if they are different from everyone else’s. I can see the argument from either format. So love what you love, but let’s see which I prefer.

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The Collector by John Fowles – A Review

My copy

I’m the type of book reader that will walk into Barnes & Nobles and choose a book based on the cover, the blurb on the back or by the first page of the book. The cover of this book got my attention for sure. It ticked the genre I was interested in reading as well so I figured that I’d give it a shot. It originally published in 1963 and I had not read a book, aside from school assigned books, that were that old. The format is different than modern books so it took a bit to get used to but this book..this book is spectacular. It’s a book that will remain a part of you after you’ve read it. I haven’t read this book in over a year but I can remember it and that’s pretty awesome to me.

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“You” Book to Screen – In Depth Comparison

Left: Poster image for show. Right: Picture taken of my copy of the book.

The differences between the show and the book were staggering and surprising. I’d enjoyed the show very much, I’m a big Penn Badgley fan, and I just knew that I had to read this book. I wanted to know just how close the show followed the book and it wasn’t that far into this read that I realized that while the overall plot points are the same, there are a lot of differences. So let’s go over the major ones. Spoilers Ahead!!

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In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware – A Review

My copy of the book.

I found this lovely book at a thrift store near my home. I tend to grab books this way based on a couple of things, the cover and any blurb on the back. This one didn’t have a blurb, but the cover was perfect. The title was good too and when I opened it, I realized why the book was titled as it was. I read the page before the first chapter opened and then part of the first chapter, which I quoted above. Those factors really pulled me in to say this was a book I wanted to read.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I’ve been reading books as a hobby for quite some time, but being an adult and life getting in the way left me not motivated or interested in reading. That didn’t stop me from buying books, so I have a large amount that I’ve never even opened. My love of books winning every time. The feel of a book, the smell of a book. It’s a wonderful feeling to hold a new book, even a used one, in my hands.

My family and I love thrift stores and my favorite things to look at is the books. Sometimes I bought a book, jumped into it and didn’t stop until done. Other times I’d start one and just got tired, or got busy.

I got “In a dark, dark wood” by Ruth Ware. Finished in two days. A trip to the bookstore and I came home with “You” by Caroline Kepnes and “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. My reading of books has been restored.

This blog was just an idea, give my reading books more meaning than just the book itself. Share my thoughts and maybe give myself something to do for myself.

Join me on this adventure! Let’s start a conversation about books. I can’t wait to discuss books with you.